The 10 Most Popular Online College Degrees

Online degree programs are becoming an increasingly viable and popular alternative to traditional programs as more and more people gain access to the Web. The following list highlights the ten most popular subjects in online education.


In an accounting program, you will study management decision-making, tax preparation and planning, auditing, fraud, risk assessment and control, and financial statement preparation and analysis. Accountants use this knowledge to ensure that taxes are paid properly and on time, firms are run efficiently, and public records are accurately kept.

Business Administration & MBA

Earning an MBA or a degree in business administration involves learning how to organize, plan, and lead the financial, human, and physical resources of a company to enable it to meet its goals. Programs may allow students to concentrate on accounting, management, marketing, or public administration.


Counselors provide a variety of counseling, support, and rehabilitation services to a diverse group of individuals. In a counseling degree program, you will learn to recognize issues and provide clients with appropriate counseling and support.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is the study and application of the law and natural sciences to fighting criminal activity. Earning a degree in criminal justice involves learning about crime prevention, causation, legal processes, and the rehabilitation or treatment of criminals in our society. 

Early Childhood Education

Earning a degree in early childhood education will prepare you to teach all subjects to children under the age of eight. In most programs, you will gain hands-on experience with kids in different settings, including day care, early start, pre-school programs, before- and after-school programs, and kindergarten through third grade classrooms. 

Healthcare Management & Administration

As a student of health management and administration, you will take courses in management, health care administration, health law, and health economics and finance. Health administrators plan, coordinate, direct and supervise the delivery of healthcare. 

Human Services

Human services combines social and behavioral science to help individuals struggling with abuse or addiction, foster children, citizens with disabilities, and elderly citizens. 


Nurses treat patients and educate the public about various medical conditions. They also provide emotional support and medical advice to their patients' family members. In an online nursing program, you will learn how to evaluate, diagnose, and treat health problems, as well as help patients manage their illness or injuries by making life changes. 


Psychology is the study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting a person's behavior in a given context. An online psychology program will teach you how to observe, interpret, and record how people relate to one another and to their environment. 


Students of religion commonly study the cultural, historical, and philosophical aspects of religion and theology with the goal of understanding how they function in communities around the world.

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