Ultimate Guide to Free Books

While it is true that not everything in life is free, there is a lot of free stuff out there for those who know where to look. Enthusiastic readers who have browsed the shelves of a local bookstore will concede to the reality that these volumes often cost a pretty penny. Bookworms, students, teachers, and writers alike will appreciate these websites. Browse and enjoy!


Public Domain Books

  • Project Gutenberg: This site claims to be the first of its kind to offer free books online. Browse over 30,000 titles to find an ebook of interest, available in free form because its copyright has expired. This site is free, but users are encouraged to donate so that the book list can continue to grow and feature new choices. 
  • Online Library of Liberty: Learn more about your heritage through electronic versions of classic books. Many of the titles featured here have to do with individual liberty. 
  • Many Books: Get some classics and some of the most popular titles here. Browse 29,000 volumes to find a great free read without a trip to the library. 
  • Public Literature: Access works from some of the greatest authors across the world. This is also a site where aspiring authors post their works to gain exposure. 
  • Feedbooks: If you prefer to read your books conveniently with the use of modern technology, try Feedbooks. There are thousands of public domain materials and original books that can be downloaded free of charge to your iPhone, iPad, or Android.


  • Open Book Project: An ongoing project seeking to offer free resources for educators and students. Take advantage of this site or get some inspiration to become a contributor in this pioneering effort. 
  • Curriki: A community of educators contribute resources here to help students across the world. Their mission is to make educational materials easily available to those who need them. 
  • Open Textbooks: This site has encouraged the growth and development of open educational resources for students. An abundance of learning materials and textbooks are currently made available here. 
  • Free Textbooks Internet Library: A resource list that links to hundreds of free textbooks on various subjects, as well as free courses. Teachers should be aware of this site to help make higher learning more affordable for today's students. 
  • Textbook Revolution: The revolution of free textbooks available online begins here. Search contents to access free ebooks, downloadable PDF resources, and more. 

Other Resources

  • Ref Desk: A must-bookmark site for students, writers, teachers, or others involved in research. A comprehensive compilation of free resource information from across the Web, including encyclopedias and other reference sources. 
  • Questia Online Library: Perhaps the largest collection of free books out there, Questia offers over 5000 free books and is also a valuable tool for those who are doing research or writing. Search the library by title, author, subject, keyword, or phrase. 
  • Classic Authors: A collection of free classic books. If you're in the mood to read renowned piece of literature, check out this site to quickly access and read a selection in its entirety. Sign up for email alerts to stay notified when new works are added to this collection. 
  • Bibliomania: Books, poems, short stories, and tons of research materials all on one site. Read, study, research, or take part in ongoing chat in the message boards. Users can even ask literary questions and get homework help here. 
  • Children's Library: A great resource for children's materials. Enriching children's lives through the influence of high quality books does not have to be expensive. Browse selections of nearly 200 free books, many with full color illustrations, or narrow your choices by choosing an appropriate search buttons. Search by main character, book size, reader age, cover color, and book type.